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Rendering of the Building

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Once our son earned his Bachelor of Arts, his 4th year at UNC-Charlotte out of a 5 year architecture program; his father stated if he would design a building for him that he would build it.  Darian took it seriously and began designing and drawing the building.  Not only was the building designed for the great arts of Seagrove but Mom wanted a coffee shop so people could feel relaxed while shopping or enjoying gourmet coffees. 

After many hours of discussions and critiquing, the final building was approved and construction began.  Footings were dug, gravel was poured and rebar was placed then on January 26, 2006
 the concrete slab was poured and building of the walls began.  Stone and brick were placed in specific areas of the walls that were designed by Darian.  March, 2006 the carpenter was hired and building the upper walls and roof began.  After 27 months from the time the digging of the grounds to the end of the carpentry, the doors were opened to the public. 

The building consists of over 4,000 square feet of stone on floors, fireplaces, sidewalks, sign, and walls.  Much of the work was completed by Michael and Sandra Walker, who took pride in their son's design.  Both father and son are designers; father is a stone contractor and son works for an architecture firm in Raleigh, NC.

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